Comparison between Five Automation Tools for DevOps

DevOps is the focus of many organizations moving into the future. It is the technology hot buzzword nowadays, and despite its continued evolution, it is still growing and reaching new heights. Different variations, practices, methodologies, and tools have been introduced to further increase productivity, availability, reliability, and effective operations using DevOps.

The main aim we have is to have more effective team collaboration and cut down processes with automation.

What Will It Achieve?

By automating the DevOps process, we work towards making the system more efficient, less prone to errors, and eliminating issues that are introduced into the system by either human intervention or some other malfunctioning module. This affects the overall up-time and makes the process more reliable. Another benefit is the accelerated performance due to managed time through automation.

What Tools and Backend Are Needed?

Alibaba Cloud has many tools and solutions that work with the DevOps process to provide enhanced user experience and ease of deployment. If you are thinking about continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous deployment, and continuous testing scenarios, you have to think about automation tools and getting a provider like Alibaba Cloud that provides a strong backend using tools, such as Terraform – Infrastructure as Code (IAC), container, and Kubernetes.

Many open-source applications today have established themselves as industry standards in automation tools and these tools define many concepts within the DevOps overlay. As DevOps is still evolving, new concepts and practices are introduced very often.

As DevOps suggests, it works for accelerated IT services delivery by achieving better collaboration and communication between developers and operators. Alibaba Cloud has worked to the true meaning of DevOps and has provided solutions that are tailor-made and cater to start-ups, SMEs, and large enterprises.

Without wasting any more time, let’s talk about these tools and compare them.

Puppet | Alibaba Cloud

Puppet is an open-source, cross-platform, and flexible DevOps configuration management tool that is used to automate the delivery and operations side of the software delivery lifecycle (SDLC.) When deployed with Alibaba Cloud, it utilizes the backend products like the Elastic Compute Service (ECS) to the fullest. Puppet can be used for secure application delivery by the operations and development teams from anywhere. This is achieved using the Alibaba Cloud IAC service.

Puppet expands on the possibility of increased productivity and manageability by sending out real-time alerts and generating detailed reports for the user to reveal and act on changes that require attention.


Puppet functions with an agent and a master. Puppet agent runs on the client servers and the Puppet master takes care of the configuration. This SSL secured service tool easily automates the configuration, testing, and review tasks across development, production, and test environments.

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